• Artist George Catlin recorded the quarrying activity at the pipestone quarries in 1836


    National Monument Minnesota

Laws & Policies

Quarry Permits - Information on how to obtain permits to quarry for pipestone. Only members of tribes recognized by the U.S. Government may apply for quarry permits.

National Park Service Organic Act - This legislation created the National Park Service in 1916.

Pipestone National Monument Establishing Legislation - The law that created Pipestone National Monument also allows for ongoing quarrying by American Indians.

Firearms in National Parks - The law governing possession of firearms inside a National Park changed on February 22, 2010.

Did You Know?

A quarry site with quartzite rubble pile

Archeological evidence indicates that the quarrying of pipestone has occurred for 3,000 years at Pipestone National Monument. The important traditions of pipestone quarrying and pipemaking continue today. More...