Volunteer In Parks

Become a VIP and put yourself at the heart of the park experience. As a Volunteer at Pipestone National Monument you can make a difference in your life and lives of others as you help the national parks perpetuate their promise.

Visitors, neighbors, families, school groups, clubs, and businesses—people just like you—help care for the Monument's roads, trails, museum, library, and offices.

The following questions will introduce you to Pipestone’s Volunteers In Parks program. Discover why our volunteers are truly VIPs.

What types of work can volunteers do?


  • Welcome and orient visitors at the monument's visitor center
  • Accession new books and articles to the library
  • Maintain the slide file
  • Answer information requests by mail and telephone
  • Conduct trail roves
  • Operate AV equipment


  • Work in maintenance shops
  • Join crews that maintain trails and lawns

Resource Management

  • Monitor wildlife populations
  • Gather water quality data
  • Input data for geographic information systems
  • Catalog museum collections
  • Assist with clerical and computer work

How long do volunteers work?

This depends on the specific projects, the requirements of the supervisor, and your schedule. Most volunteers work with us for intermittent time periods.

Where do volunteers live?

While the Monument would like to be able to provide housing for any volunteer who needs it there is none available. We are also unable to provide any parking space for volunteers with their own travel trailers or RVs. Camping in a local private campground is an option but may be restricted in duration due to limited funds.

What qualifications do volunteers need?

Requirements vary, let us know your volunteer interests and we can tell you what qualifications we seek for that position. All applications will receive consideration without regard to race, creed, national origin, sex, age, color, political affiliation, or physical handicap.

How do I apply?

Please request a copy of the Monument’s Volunteer Application Form from the volunteer coordinator. On-line applications are not available at this time. Applications are reviewed and distributed to the appropriate supervisor. Supervisors, not the volunteer coordinator, will contact qualified applicants directly, considering their needs and upcoming projects.

What does the park provide?

When required by the job, the park supplies caps, vests, identification tags and a minimal refund for expenses.

Who do I contact for more information?

To find out more about volunteering at Pipestone National Monument, contact the volunteer coordinator at (507) 825-5464 ext 213, by e-mail, or by visiting the link below.


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