• Big-berry manzanita and the skyline of the high peaks greet visitors who explore the steep and narrow portion of the High Peaks trail. NPS Photo|Sierra Willoughby


    National Park California

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  • Fee Free Days in Celebration of National Parks Week

    On Saturday April 19 and Sunday April 20, All National Parks including Pinnacles will waive entrance fees. In addition, Western National Park Association Sales in visitor centers of the park will be discounted by 15%

Things To Know Before You Come

Bring everything you need for a comfortable visit.
We recommend plenty of drinking water, food and beverages, flashlights and hiking equipment. On the east side of the park, the campground store offers snacks, drinks, and limited camping supplies. The store is only open for a few hours each weekday afternoon, with longer hours during Spring / Summer weekends.

Plan ahead on which entrance you would like to visit.

Highway 146 is the access road to both the Westside and the Eastside of the Pinnacles. However, highway 146 does not connect the two sides of the road together. Please take the time to map out which entrance will be best suited for your plans and ensure an enjoyable experience. (NOTE: Most GPS units will automatically lead you to the West Pinnacles)

Pets are allowed in the campground, parking lots and on paved roads. Pets are not allowed on trails. Your pet must be physically controlled on a six foot leash. Your pet should be with you at all times.

Did You Know?

Yellow Starthistle

The yellow star thistle is one of many invasive (non-native) plants threatening the ecosystems of Pinnacles. Many seeds are accidentally transported into the park on shoes and gear; you can do your part to prevent the spread of these pests by cleaning shoes, socks, and gear before visiting the park.