• Big-berry manzanita and the skyline of the high peaks greet visitors who explore the steep and narrow portion of the High Peaks trail. NPS Photo|Sierra Willoughby


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  • CAUTION: Trail Work and Horses Present on Juniper Canyon and Tunnel Trails

    Do not run or make loud noises near working horses. Only approach horses if directed to do so by trail work staff. If Horses are Approaching, find a safe place to step uphill and off the trail. Do not approach horses from behind (April 21 - 25)


Does Pinnacles National Park have ADA accessible facilities and activities?

Yes. The visitor contact centers and restrooms on both the east and west sides of the monument are fully ADA accessible. Parking areas have marked handicap spaces convenient to facilities. Picnic areas can be wheelchair accessed with assistance.

What information does Pinnacles National Park have for persons who are visually impaired?

Pinnacles National Monument has a park brochure available in braille. If you would like a copy of the brochure, please call us at (831)389-4485 or send us an email. We also have a tactile map of the entire monument in the Bear Gulch Nature Center on the east side of the park.


Because much of the monument's terrain is steep and rocky, trail access for visitors with mobility impairments is limited. A section of the Bench Trail has recently been hardened and graded for wheelchair access. This gently rolling trail passes through oak woodlands and offers views of the High Peaks rock formation. The trailhead is at the Peaks View Picnic Area near the east entrance of the monument. The Chaparral area near the west entrance offers views of Pinnacles’ most spectacular geological formations directly from or near the parking area. With a bit of assistance, wheelchair users may loop through the Chaparral Picnic Area and above the parking area. This loop will reward visitors with excellent views of the High Peaks, Balconies Cliffs and Machete Ridge.

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Our goal is to continue to strive to make our web pages accessible to web visitors who are using assistive technologies. If you have a problem accessing information on our site, please send us an email or call (831)389-4486 ext. 243.

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