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Fire Management

Fire is a natural process that has shaped the plant communities at Pinnacles National Monument. The goal of the new fire management plan is to mimic natural conditions, allowing native plant species to thrive.

Park managers will consider using prescribed fire in areas that have not burned for a long time or where ecosystems have been altered by negative human impacts. Prescribed fire will only be used when weather conditions are safe for burning.

The Pinnacles National Monument Fire Management Plan and Environmental Assessment are available online. If you have a dial-up connection, the plan has been divided into smaller sections for easier downloading.

Pinnacles National Monument Fire Management Plan (complete)

Title Page

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Foundation of the FMP

Chapter 2 - Fire Management Strategies

Chapter 3 - Fire Mgmt Program Components

Chapter 4 - Roles, Funding, and Review

Appendices A - G

Appendix H, part 1

Appendix H, part 2

Environmental Assessment

Fire Management Plan Mailer

Did You Know?

No Pets

Dogs are not permitted on park trails. This allows for more frequent wildlife sightings, and ensures that other visitors will not be annoyed or frightened by dogs. Dogs are permitted on most US Forest Service trails.