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Pinnacles Condor Program

Surveying for condors at Pinnacles National Monument

Surveying for condors at Pinnacles National Park

National Park Service

Pinnacles National Park has been a part of the California Condor Recovery Program since 2003. The park now manages 25 free-flying condors. Each bird is monitored carefully after its release to increase its chances of survival. Management by park biologists helps newly released condors choose safe roosting sites and avoid hazards such as power lines, buildings, roads or trails, and lead-contaminated food.

Information about Pinnacles Condors

How to Help
Learn how to help California condors and other wildlife.

Photo Gallery
View images of condors in Pinnacles National Park.


View videos of condors recorded from our remote video system.

Condor Profiles
Click on the above link to view detailed profiles of individual condors in the Pinnacles flock.

Updates on Condors
Over 25 condors are managed by Pinnacles National Park. Read updates on the condors and the Pinnacles Recovery Program.

Condor Program Milestones

Milestones in the recovery program at Pinnacles since it began in 2003.

Where Can I See a Condor?
If you're coming to Pinnacles and would like to catch a glimpse of this rare bird, this information will help you decide where to look.

Current Population Statistics
An overview of the California condor population, compiled by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Closure Notice
An area of Pinnacles National Park is closed to the public. No hiking trails are affected by this closure.

Should I report a condor sighting?
Any condor sightings outside the Pinnacles boundaries will help us track them. If you see a condor engaging in potentially dangerous behaviors such as feeding, approaching humans, or perching on manmade structures, please report the sighting as soon as possible.

Please view condors from a distance of at least 100 feet and never approach or try to feed them.


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