• Big-berry manzanita and the skyline of the high peaks greet visitors who explore the steep and narrow portion of the High Peaks trail. NPS Photo|Sierra Willoughby


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  • CAUTION: Trail Work and Horses Present on Juniper Canyon and Tunnel Trails

    Do not run or make loud noises near working horses. Only approach horses if directed to do so by trail work staff. If Horses are Approaching, find a safe place to step uphill and off the trail. Do not approach horses from behind (April 21 - 25)

Images from the CondorCam


A hidden, motion-activated camera near one of the bait sites takes still photos of all of the free-flying condors at Pinnacles National Park as they feed or balance on a scale, which has been disguised as a comfortable perch. The CondorCam allows biologists to track the weight of the birds, which gives an indication of physical health.

Biologists can check the status of the transmitters located on the condor's wings and look for any obvious health issues. Still camera photos also allow the biologists to observe which condors regularly spend time together and has helped biologists identify breeding pairs. Some other activities the hidden camera captures are condors preening their feathers, fighting with other condors for the opportunity to stay on the scale, and other species investigating the bait site.


Did You Know?

Did You Know?

California condors have a wingspan approaching nine and a half feet. Condors soar and glide at up to 55 miles per hour, and can sometimes be mistaken for a small airplane. More...