• Big-berry manzanita and the skyline of the high peaks greet visitors who explore the steep and narrow portion of the High Peaks trail. NPS Photo|Sierra Willoughby


    National Park California

Teacher-Led Visits

Pinnacles is a living laboratory of geologic wonder and California natural and cultural history. Schools interested in using the Pinnacles for their own educational activities should still fill out the fee waiver portion of the Educational Program / Fee Waiver Request form in order to waive the entrance fee for their visit.

After you choose a date for your visit, fill out the fee waiver request section and return it to the park via mail or fax at least 2 months in advance of your requested date. Be sure to attach the required documents requested on the form in order to be considered for approval for a fee waiver into the park.

Once your forms are submitted properly, You should receive confirmation from us within about two to four weeks. A confirmation letter will be sent to you. This letter confirms the date, time, and park entrance necessary for your program.

Upon your arrival to the park, please bring your copy of the Fee Waiver to check in at the appropriate visitor center. The ranger on duty will issue a permit for each vehicle in your group.

Did You Know?

Yellow Starthistle

The yellow star thistle is one of many invasive (non-native) plants threatening the ecosystems of Pinnacles. Many seeds are accidentally transported into the park on shoes and gear; you can do your part to prevent the spread of these pests by cleaning shoes, socks, and gear before visiting the park.