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    The Memorial is currently closed for the season. The Memorial will reopen on May 17, 2014. See you then!


Oliver Hazard Perry

The man who was to lead the Lake Erie fleet to victory during the War of 1812 was born on August 23, 1785 at South Kingstown, near the village of Wakefield, Rhode Island. The eldest of five sons and three daughters born to Christopher Raymond and Sarah Alexander Perry, the first son was named after his paternal grandmother's father, Oliver Hazard, and also for his uncle, Oliver Hazard Perry, who had recently been lost at sea. more...

Robert Heriott Barclay

I trust that...the honor of His Majesty's flag has not been tarnished." These fateful words were penned to mitigate a lamented British defeat on Lake Erie on September 10, 1813; however, they also serve as a fitting epitaph to the relatively brief, but distinguished Royal Navy career of Captain Robert Heriott Barclay. more...


Tecumseh began life in the Shawnee village of Piqua, Ohio on March 9, 1768 as a great meteor flashed and burned its way across the heavens. This event accounts for his name, The Shooting Star or, to be more precise, Celestial Panther Lying in Wait. Growing to manhood immersed in the Shawnee hunting culture, Tecumseh became famous as a warrior. He was also a dynamic orator, one who could motivate and inspire his audiences. Early on, Tecumseh understood that the white man would never rest until all Native Americans were dispossessed, either driven into exile or eradicated entirely. more...

Did You Know?

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

The weight of Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial column is estimated at 36,800,000 pounds (16,692 metric tons). The foundation alone consists of a concrete ring 9½ feet thick (2.9m) and 12 feet deep (3.66m) with an outside diameter of 45 feet (13.7m).