The Siege of Petersburg: The Longest Military Event of the Civil War

Nine and a half months, 70,000 casualties, the suffering of civilians, thousands of U. S. Colored Troops fighting for the freedom of their race, and the decline of Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of No. Virginia all describe the Siege of Petersburg. It was here Gen. Ulysses S. Grant cut off all of Petersburg's supply lines ensuring the fall of Richmond on April 3, 1865. Six days later, Lee surrendered.


Appomattox Plantation ca. 1763

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Let our education staff take you on a tour of history that spans 4 sites and 292 days of history. Dress the part and become part of the story.

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Petersburg National Battlefield Junior Ranger Programs

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Petersburg National Battlefield has a variety of activities for kids including Junior Ranger, Flat Ranger and Geocaching programs.

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Petersburg National Battlefield staff members work with educators to emphasize the significance of the Siege of Petersburg.

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