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  • No Parking Available in the Eastern Front Unit August 2

    Free shuttle service will transport all visitors to and from the Eastern Front Unit on August 2 during 150th Anniv. of the Battle of the Crater events. Shuttles will depart from the Farmer's Market located at 9 Old St. in Old Towne Petersburg.

  • Eastern Front Unit Trails Closed to Horse Traffic on August 2

    Those who would like to ride horses at the park on Aug. 2 are encouraged to use the trails at Five Forks in Dinwiddie County as other trails will be closed to horses that day while the park commemorates the 150th Anniv. of the Battle of the Crater.

Cavalry Equipment

Cavalrymen with Sabres "The trooper has his carbine to care for and keep in order, which evens him up with the infantryman in care of arms and equipments, and in addition to this he has his revolver, sabre, and horse equipments to keep in order and his horse to water, feed and groom every day, and the soldier who enlists in the cavalry service...will soon learn, to his sorrow, that he has been laboring under a grievous mistake."
1st Ohio Cavalry

Cavalry Jacket "The sergeant charged the pants to my account and then handed me a jacket, a small one, evidently made for a humped-backed dwarf. The jacket was covered with yellow braid. O, so yellow that it made me sick. The jacket was charged to me also."
Wisconsin Volunteer

Cavalry Boots "A pair of good boots is something we can't get along without...Uncle Sam doesn't furnish us anything but shoes to wear in the winter. The shoes are very good ones to wear in the summer..."
William Margraff, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves

Revolver "The revolver was by far the more popular weapon among cavalrymen. Revolvers were accurate at very short range however, so they were only useful in close actions. Such close actions were not very common in mounted combat. As the war progressed, cavalrymen become more successful at cavalry raids and scouting exercises." - S.L. Gracey, Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry

Carbine "In a close defensive fight, he found, no doubt, that carbines, well-handled, are a merciless foe to face, and so reflecting, he paused and ceased firing; and when we were satisfied that he declined the combat, we leaned on our arms and rested from the turmoil of this hard day."

Saber "These cavalry fights are miserable affairs. Neither party has any idea of serious charging with the sabre. They approach one another with considerable boldness, until they get to within about forty yards, and then, at the very moment when a dash is necessary, and the sword alone should be used, they hesitate, halt, and commence a desultory fire with carbines and revolvers."

Did You Know?

President Lincoln and General Grant at the Wallace House

Union General-in-Chief Ulysses S. Grant and Army of the Potomac Commander George G. Meade met with Abraham Lincoln on April 3, 1865 at the Thomas Wallace house on Market Street in Petersburg. President Lincoln visited Petersburg again on April 7, 1865. (Petersburg National Battlefield)