Fees & Reservations


$5.00 per person (see details below) - 7 days

$5.00 per motorcycle - 7 days

$10.00 per vehicle - 7 days

$20.00 per family - annual pass


A $5.00 permit is required per person over the age of 15, maximum fee is $10.00 per carload . Frequent visitors may wish to purchase the $20.00 or $80.00, annual permit which is good for the card holder for one year from the month of purchase.



$5.00 per person for any group that arrives in any 15 passenger van, bus, coach bus etc.


All commercial tours must make arrangements at least two weeks in advance as to arrival, departure, fees, and numbers. Fees are per person.



Free with approved Fee Wavier


School groups need to make reservations at least two weeks prior to their visit. A fee waiver application must be submitted along with a letter of request on the school/institution's letterhead requesting and explaining the reasons for the educational visit. Talks or programs must be reserved in advance and are subject to availability of staff. Please see the For Teachers section for more information.

Please see the Permits page if you would like information on Special Use Permits, Video/Photography Permits and/or other permits for access to the park.

Did You Know?