• Elkhorn Tavern, Federal Provost Marshal Headquarters and Field Hospital Used by Both Armies

    Pea Ridge

    National Military Park Arkansas

Federal Commanders

Brigadier General Samuel Ryan Curtis
Commander, Army of the Southwest


Brigadier General Franz Sigel
Commander, 1st & 2nd Divisions, Army of the Southwest

Brigadier General Alexander Asboth
Commander, 2nd Division
Colonel Peter J. Osterhaus
Commander, 1st Division
Colonel Jefferson C. Davis
Commander, 3rd Division
Colonel Eugene A. Carr
Commander, 4th Division

Colonel Grenville Dodge
Commander, 1st Brigade, 4th Division

Did You Know?

John W. Lee's home in Leetown prior to the Battle of Pea Ridge

The site of Leetown was a thriving community before the Battle of Pea Ridge. Leetown’s buildings were used as hospitals for the wounded on both sides. After the battle, the buildings were in such disrepair that only a handful of people returned to Leetown.