• Elkhorn Tavern, Federal Provost Marshal Headquarters and Field Hospital Used by Both Armies

    Pea Ridge

    National Military Park Arkansas

Calendar of Scheduled Groups

Pea Ridge NMP staff reserve the right to refuse to schedule a group on any day we do not have the ability to provide programs etc. If the schedule says we cannot schedule a group on any certain day, that means we cannot schedule ANY group, for any reason. Contact park staff for more information.



11 - Dordt College

22 - Fort Smith YCC

24 - Staff Ride

30 - Church of Christ Seniors


11 - Walmart Legal/Mercy Seniors (Trail of Tears)

19 - Fort Leonard Wood Staff Ride

25 - Anderson Elementary

29 - Ft. Hood


15 - Rocky Comfort School

17 - Peru State College

17 - Cassville High School

22 - Pineville Elementary School

23 - Meadows Assisted Living

24 - Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics

24 - Dordt College

29 - Ardis Ann Middle School

30 - ANH Montessori School


1 - Plains Anthropdogial Society

4 - Berean Christian Academy

5 - Kelly Middle School

6 - Kelly Middle School

7 - Kelly Middle School

14 - Kirksey Middle School

18 - Holt Middle School

19 - Army Reserves

21 - Noel Elementary and Junior High



6 - Lee Elementary School, Springdale


8 - Saddle and Sirloin Club

Did You Know?

John W. Lee's home in Leetown prior to the Battle of Pea Ridge

The site of Leetown was a thriving community before the Battle of Pea Ridge. Leetown’s buildings were used as hospitals for the wounded on both sides. After the battle, the buildings were in such disrepair that only a handful of people returned to Leetown.