• Elkhorn Tavern, Federal Provost Marshal Headquarters and Field Hospital Used by Both Armies

    Pea Ridge

    National Military Park Arkansas

For Kids

Kids having fun at an event in the park.

Pea Ridge National Military Park is fun for kids, too! They can enjoy and explore nature, learn about history, and even become a Junior Ranger.

For scouts and scout leaders, Pea Ridge offers opportunities for service projects and merit badges. Please check out our Boy Scouts of America page for information.

The park occasionally hosts community outreach and park maintenance events. Kids can volunteer for these events, but may require parental supervision depending on the age. Please contact the park at (479) 451-8122 for more information.

Kids' Passport, available in our bookstore

We also offer a Kids' Passport in our Eastern National bookstore which contains information and activities related to your national parks.

Websites for Kids:

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Explore opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in your national parks.

Did You Know?

General Earl Van Dorn, of the Confederate army

When Confederate General Van Dorn heard news that Curtis pushed Price out of Missouri, he set out to take personal charge of an attack on Curtis, along with Price and McCulloch. He arrived at Price’s headquarters in an ambulance, braving a severe illness resulting from falling into an icy stream.