• Jasper Forest is magical in twilight, particularly the logs on stone pedestals

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The Conservation Fund, in partnership with the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), purchased 4,265 acres within the Petrified Forest National Park boundary. Known as the McCauley Ranch, the acquired acreage lies east of the historic remains of Puerco Pueblo and will connect lands already protected within Petrified Forest National Park. The protection of this land will preserve the natural viewshed that visitors experience as they drive on the main road through the park.


03-27-14 Interesting Article from Minnesota State University-Moorhead News: Bachmeier selected as Artist in Residence, Petrified Forest National Park


04-17-14 Interesting Articles:

"Nearly 15,000 new acres of Petrified Forest National Park open to backcountry exploration" from National Parks Traveler:


"Arizona opens 15,000 new acres of backcountry/Petrified Forest National Park just got bigger" from Backpacker Magazine: http://www.backpacker.com/news-15000-new-acres-of-backcountry-in-arizona/destinations/18502

"Petrified Forest National Park" from RAPTORMANIACS dinosaur enthusiast/illustrator's blog: Http://albertonykus.blogspot.com/2014/04/petrified-forest-national-park.html

The late artist Michael Kabotie visits ancestral petroglyphs.

The late artist Michael Kabotie visits ancestral petroglyphs.


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red badlands

Standing on the edge of a vast badlands landscape, a Spanish explorer is rumored to have named the area "El Desierto Pintado" (The Painted Desert) because the hills looked like they were painted with the colors of the sunset.