• Jasper Forest is magical in twilight, particularly the logs on stone pedestals

    Petrified Forest

    National Park Arizona

2012 Artists-in-Residence

Kathy Levine, cast paper project in process 2012

Kathy Levine, cast paper project in process 2012


Artists-in-Residence 2012

May 21-June 3 Carolyn Sommers, Watercolor

June 4-17 Kathy Levine, Mixed Media

June 18-July 1 Lynn Uhlmann, Painting
Elise McWilliams, Painting

July 2-15 Jessica Cieply, Painting

July 30-Aug 12 Merrill Shatzman, Printmaking

August 13-26 Jan Wright, Painting
Sayre Hutchison, Photography

Sept 10-23 Anna Marie Pavlik, Printmaking
Richard Eskin, Photography

Sept 24-Oct 7 Allison Nichols, Painting
Geri Schrab, Watercolor

October 8-21 Sally Gierke, Sculpture

Did You Know?

badlands landscape at Jasper Forest

On clear days in the Southwest, especially on crisp, cold winter days, you can see landscape features almost 100 miles away!