Off the Beaten Path—Jasper Forest

Jasper Forest at Twilight

Jasper Forest at Twilight

Andrew V. Kearns, VIP/NPS


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Jasper Forest

If you want to take a nice stroll through an incredible garden of petrified wood, consider walking 2.5 miles round trip along the old 1930's road into Jasper Forest-what was originally called First Forest because it was the first collection of petrified wood encountered by train passengers travelling by wagon from the Adamana station one hundred years ago. The road was added for car traffic later. The road is mostly eroded away now but if you look carefully, you can still follow it in most places.Below are a map and coordinates you can follow if you have a GPS.

Please park in the Jasper Forest parking lot instead of parking along the side of the road. Please also respect the visitors who follow you and leave all petrified wood and stone masonry in place. This walk, although not difficult or steep, does require sturdy shoes. The footing can be difficult at any time-the walk should not be attempted in wet conditions. Please take normal hiking precautions and bring food and water, sun protection, and navigation aids. Pack out whatever you packed in.

Along the way you will see:

  • One of the largest deposits of petrified wood in the park, the Jasper Forest. These petrified log segments were originally encased in the sandstone bluffs above the road, but thousands of years of erosion have sent them tumbling down into the valley.
  • This gravel road was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the mid-1930s. The road was closed in November of 1965 and replaced by the upper road to the present parking lot and overlook. You can still see many of the original stone culverts lining the old roadbed.
  • The end of the road looped around a geological feature called Eagle Nest Rock. Unfortunately the feature fell in January 1941 after a period of unusually heavy rains. However, you can still see the base in the center of the loop.
This trip is not marked in the park. Enjoy!

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Map of Jasper Forest

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