• Jasper Forest is magical in twilight, particularly the logs on stone pedestals

    Petrified Forest

    National Park Arizona

Kingdom Plantaea (fossils)

petrified logs

Petrified logs - the most common fossil plant found in the park.


Linnaean taxonomy of Late Triassic Plants of Petrified Forest National Park
Compiled by W.G. Parker and Sid Ash December 8, 2004

Kingdom Plantae
Division Pteridophyta
Class Filicopsida
Order Uncertain
Family Guaireaceae
Genus Itopsidema
Species vancleaveii
Family Cynepteridaceae
Genus Cynepteris
Species lasiophora
Order Gleicheniales
Family Gleicheniaceae (?)
Genus Wingatea
Species plumosa
Order Matoniales
Family Matoniaceae
Genus Phlebopteris
Species smithii
Order Polypodiales
Family Dipteridaceae
Genus Clathropteris
Species walkerii
Order Osmundales
Family Osmundaceae
Genus Todites
Species fragilis
Order Hymenophyllales
Family Hymenophyllacaea
Genus Hopetedia
Species n. sp.
Class Uncertain
Order Uncertain
Family Uncertain
Genus Cladophlebis
Species daughertyi
Species yazzia
Species sp.
Genus Marcouia
Species neuropteroides
Division Coniferophyta
Class Pinopsida
Order Coniferales
Family Uncertain
Genus Araucarioxylon
Species arizonicum
Family Araucariaceae
Genus Araucarites
Species n. sp.
Genus Araucariorhiza
Species joae
Family Uncertain
Genus Brachyphyllum
Species hegewaldia
Genus Pagiophyllum
Species simpsonii
Genus Podozamites
Species arizonica
Species n. sp.
Order Cordaitales
Family Cordaitaceae
Genus Samaropsis
Species puerca
Genus Dadoxylon
Species chaneyi
Class Uncertain
Order Uncertain
Family Uncertain
Genus Schilderia
Species adamanica
Genus Woodworthia
Species arizonica
Genus Pelourdea
Species sp.
Genus Carpolithus
Species chinleana
Division Pteridospermophyta
Class Uncertain
Order Uncertain
Family Uncertain
Genus Sphenopteris
Species arizonicum
Genus Dinophyton
Species spinosus
Genus Pramelreuthia
Species yazzi
Division Sphenophyta
Class Equisetopsida
Order Equisetales
Family Equisetaceae
Genus Equisetites
Species bradyi
Species sp.
Genus Equicalastrobus
Species chinleana
Genus Neocalamites
Species virginiensis
Species sp.
Division Lycophyta
Class Lycopsida
Order Lycopodales
Family Uncertain
Genus Chinlea
Species campii
Species sp.
Genus Lycopodites?
Species sp.
Division Cycadophyta
Class Bennettitopsida
Order Bennettitales
Family Uncertain
Genus Zamites
Species powellii
Class Cycadodsida
Order Cycadales
Family Uncertain
Genus Aricycas
Species paulae
Genus Cycadospadix
Species n. sp.
Genus Lyssoxylon
Species grigsbyi
Genus Charmorgia
Species dijolli
Division Ginkgophyta
Class Ginkgoopsida
Order Ginkgoales
Family Uncertain
Genus Baiera
Species arizonica
Genus Ginkgoites
Species n. sp.

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