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As an educator you are eligible for a Teacher's Membership in the Petrified Forest Museum Association. For only $10 you receive a 25% discount on all items from any Petrified Forest Museum Association bookstore and a 10-15% discount at any other association bookstore at national park sites nationwide. It's a deal you can't refuse!

National Park Service Interpretation and Education
If you are a teacher searching for classroom materials, a student doing research, or you just want to learn more about your national parks, then this site is for you! You'll find curriculum, games, the Web Ranger program, and a host of other fun and educational media created by the National Park Service and our partners.

Hands on the Land offers access and information about education programs and resources available on-line and throughout the United States.

Alien Invasions: Plants on the Move: weed curriculum for grades K-12
Invasive weeds are the single most serious threat to biodiversity that our country faces today. As invasive weeds out-compete native plants, wildlife habitat is destroyed and degraded, soil erodes, and the aesthetic value of land decreases. Invasive weeds are also an economic burden, costing landowners and government agencies billions of dollars annually to control weeds and in the loss of crops and forage. This curriculum is designed for teachers who want to integrate the topic of invasive weeds in the classroom, develop weed awareness, and provide students with an understanding of the serious problem of invasive weeds.

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