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  • Park Phone issues

    The visitor center main phone line is out. To reach the park call (361) 949-8069 or (361) 949-4793. The issue has been reported, however the phone company is having difficulty locating the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Padre Island National Seashore will Conduct a Sobriety Checkpoint on Saturday, July 19, 2014.

    To protect the public from impaired drivers and help ensure a safe park experience for all visitors, Padre Island National Seashore law enforcement will conduct a Sobriety Checkpoint on Saturday, July 19, 2014 on Park Road 22 near the park’s entrance.

Facility Management


Facility Management Division Building At Padre Island National Seashore


The Padre Island National Seashore Facility Management Division (often referred to as the “Maintenance” Division) constructs, maintains, and, when necessary, demolishes all the facilities within the park to include not only buildings but also roads, parking lots, campgrounds, fences, trails, vehicles, and any other man-made structures as well.

The official mission of the Facility Management Division is to provide leadership and policy direction to ensure the stewardship of the park’s constructed assets and the development of its maintenance workforce. The Division is therefore responsible for:

  • Facility management policy and program development;
  • Liaison with the Intermountain Regional Office and other entities as authorized by the park Superintendent;
  • Budget formulation advocacy and prioritization;
  • Standards and procedures for the operation and maintenance of facilities;
  • Promoting life-cycle asset management across program areas;
  • Adopting new technologies to support program objectives; and
  • Advising the Superintendent on matters relating to Facility Management
  • Protecting and preserving park assets
  • Providing visitor satisfaction and understanding
  • Protecting resources

On this page you will find links to documents, slide shows, photographs and other media describing the accomplishments, ongoing efforts, and plans of the Facility Management Division to support the missions of the park and of the National Park Service.

What the Facility Management Division Does for You

2008 Park Asset Management Plan

Your Fee Demo Dollars at Work

Stimulus (ARRA) Projects

Keeping the Beaches Clean

Facility Management Division Accomplishments

Did You Know?

The National Park Service arrowhead contains a white buffalo, an animal sacred to many native Americans.

Although Padre Nicolas Balli established the first permanent settlement on the island, the island was previously owned by his father and his grandfather, who obtained the original grant from the Spanish crown. More...