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  • BIB Campground Rehabilitation begins March 17, 2014

    A project to repair the facilities and rebuild the eroded shoreline in the Bird Island Basin Campground will begin March 17, 2014. Minor disruptions in the immediate area may occur. Please note that none of the work should affect the use of the boat ramp.

  • North Beach is open, South Beach will open at 8 am 4/5/2014

    The oil-covered materials on the beach have been removed, and clean-up is nearly complete. The North Beach portion of the park is open to driving as of 11:50 am on 4/4/2014. The South Beach portion will open to driving at 8 am on 4/5/2014.

Winter/Spring 2010 Bird Sightings

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The following list includes sightings made from January 1st through January 2nd:

(1) Brown pelican

(2) White pelican

(3) Snow goose

(4) Redhead

(5) Bufflehead

(6) Turkey vulture

(7) Northern harrier

(8) White-tailed hawk

(9) American kestrel

(10)Aplomado falcon

(11)Black-bellied plover


(13)Long-billed curlew

(14)Greater yellowlegs

(15)Lesser yellowlegs


(17)Ruddy turnstone

(18)Herring gull

(19)Ring-billed gull

(20)Laughing gulls

(21)Forster's tern

(22)Royal tern

(23)Caspian tern

(24)Great-tailed grackle

Did You Know?

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Metal detecting is prohibited at Padre Island National Seashore as well as at all other units of the National Park Service. More...