• Aerial View of Padre Island National Seashore

    Padre Island

    National Seashore Texas

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  • BIB Campground Rehabilitation begins March 17, 2014

    A project to repair the facilities and rebuild the eroded shoreline in the Bird Island Basin Campground will begin March 17, 2014. Minor disruptions in the immediate area may occur. Please note that none of the work should affect the use of the boat ramp.

  • North Beach is open, South Beach will open at 8 am 4/5/2014

    The oil-covered materials on the beach have been removed, and clean-up is nearly complete. The North Beach portion of the park is open to driving as of 11:50 am on 4/4/2014. The South Beach portion will open to driving at 8 am on 4/5/2014.

All About Birds

Wings are one feature that all birds have in common, but each individual species has distinct behaviors or attributes that make them unique. From the frigid South Pole to the brambling shrubs that thrive in some of the world’s hottest deserts, birds have adapted to survive. Some swim for their food, while others catch their prey in flight or even probe for food hiding underground. No matter the circumstance that Mother Nature may throw their way, birds are survivors!

bills galore

Birds have many different types of beaks and each beak shape is designed for eating a certain type of food. They can be hooked, short and heavy, or long and pointy. They use their beaks to get food and drink water. Birds also use their beaks to preen, collect nesting materials, scratch, and feed their young.

bird feet
Birds use their feet for defense, carrying things, perching, or combing feathers. Most birds have three toes facing forwards and one toe facing backwards. Special tendons in the feet help keep birds' feet clasped, allowing them to rest on telephone wires, branches, and other seemingly precarious sites. The structure of a bird's feet helps to determine where the bird finds its food and how it moves around those environments. Looking at the feet in the picture above, can you guess where each of these birds might hunt or forage for food?

Did You Know?

The National Park Service arrowhead contains a white buffalo, an animal sacred to many native Americans.

Although Padre Nicolas Balli established the first permanent settlement on the island, the island was previously owned by his father and his grandfather, who obtained the original grant from the Spanish crown. More...