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Members of Great Falls Youth Corps talking to children about the Great Falls and the NPS

Members of the Great Falls Youth Corps talk to children about the Great Falls and the National Park Service.

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A Stroll Through History - The Paterson Great Falls Orientation Tour
Appropriate for adults and families.
Educators, please call 973-523-5295 to discuss your needs.

Please Note: From late fall through late spring, reservations are required for all guided tours. Please call 973-523-5295 at least two weeks in advance to check on reservation availability.

WHERE TO MEET: Meet at the Alexander Hamilton Statue at Overlook Park, 72 McBride Avenue, Paterson, NJ 07501

The story of Paterson and its Great Falls demonstrates that the natural and cultural diversity of the area helped fuel the economic and social growth of a young nation. Join a member of the Great Falls Youth Corps, a National Park Ranger or Volunteer for this 45-minute to 1-hour, 1-mile walk. Discover how the natural world inspired a founding father, entrepreneurs, immigrants, poets and artists to build the nation's first industrial city and changed the world. In most cases, tours will be conducted rain or shine, however, tours will be canceled in cases of severe weather, such as snow storms, nor'easters, dangerous electrical storms, etc.

Please wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing/shoes. The walk will be on along paved and unpaved paths with uneven footing. Guided tours led by the National Park Service, or its designees, can follow paved, wheelchair-accessible routes (assistance may be required, especially along narrow city sidewalks). If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the park at 973-523-5295.

The tour route travels through parts of the Great Falls Historic District, which is administered by the City of Paterson, and includes visitor facilities such as the Paterson Museum and the Great Falls Historic District Cultural Center. If you have questions regarding these facilities, please call the Paterson Museum at 973-321-1260 Tuesday - Sunday (except holidays).

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Additional programs may be scheduled as staffing permits.

Ranger Ilyse and middle school students pose for a picture.

Ranger Ilyse poses with middle school students after completing a lesson.

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Educators - Looking for a Special Field Trip to Support Your Lessons? Consider a Guided Program with a Park Ranger!

If you interested in bringing your learners to the Paterson Great Falls, or you would like to invite a Park Ranger into your classroom, please call Ranger Ilyse at 973-523-5295 to schedule a program (programs range from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours).

Programs include:
Introduction to the National Park Service (NPS) (pre school - Grade 3)
The important role Paterson and the Passaic River played in the development of the country

Ask about pilot programs on the following topics:

Earth Science
Physics is Phun
Alexander Hamilton and the economy

Want to help with lesson plan design? Please contact Ranger Ilyse for details.

Please click here for curriculum materials.

Looking for more information? Please call 973-523-0270.

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