• Paterson Great Falls

    Paterson Great Falls

    National Historical Park New Jersey

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  • Mary Ellen Kramer Park Closure Announcement from the City of Paterson

    Due to landscape improvement project, the City of Paterson closed Mary Ellen Kramer Park, landing & footbridge on November 4, 2013. The project may be completed by end of 2014. Falls can be viewed from Overlook Park. Call 973-321-1212 for project info.

Parks As Classrooms

Members of Great Falls Youth Corps talking to children about the NPS
Members of Great Falls Youth Corps talking to children about the NPS.
NPS photo - I. Goldman

The National Park Service's Teaching with Historic Places uses properties listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places to enliven history, social studies, geography, civics and other subjects.

Learn more about Teaching with Historic Places in a Lesson Plan called Paterson, New Jersey: America's Silk City


You may wish to supplement your Teaching with Historic Places in-class lesson by visiting Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park.

If you are an educator planning to bring students to the Great Falls on a field trip, and would like to schedule a 15-minute introduction to the National Park Service (NPS) and the important role Paterson and the Passaic River played in the development of the country, you can contact Ranger Ilyse at 973-523-5295, Monday-Friday, to reserve a date.

Interested in linking the natural and cultural stories of Paterson Great Falls with your curriculum? Drafted by Justin L., a social studies education major at William Paterson University, the following documents are aligned with the Common Core Standards and the Paterson Public School curriculum guidelines:

4th - 8th Grade Social Studies connections to Paterson National Historical Park

9th - 11th Grade Social Studies connections to Paterson National Historical Park

Looking for additional educational tools? The National Park Service has a strong educational mission and nearly 400 national park sites with themes that may align with your curriculum needs. Explore the "For Teachers" link on the National Park Service web site for curriculum-based lesson plans, travelling trunks, Junior Ranger activity books and more. You can download the following document for a few suggested links to help you get started:

NPS links for educators

Ranger Ilyse with a NPS arrowhead
Ranger Ilyse, with a NPS arrowhead, talking with a school class
George Garbeck, Graphics Coordinator (Dept. of Communications) - Paterson Public Schools

Did You Know?

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton, founder of Paterson, faced great opposition to his ideas for an industrial America? Many government leaders, including Thomas Jefferson, believed the new nation should base its economy, and could grow powerful, through agriculture – growing what it needed and selling the surplus.