Field Trip Program

To arms!

A Ranger leads a group through the musket drill.

A Ranger leads a group through the musket drill.



Both U.S. and Mexican Infantry soldiers drilled with muskets. Constant drilling made them familiar their weapons and prepared them for battle. A well-trained soldier could fire three shots in one minute. Students will use non-firing wooden prop muskets to drill and learn the steps to load and fire a flintlock musket. Students will learn how a real flintlock works and some of the problems you can encounter with a flintlock musket. The musket drill program can accommodate up to 30 students. Program lasts approximately 15 minutes.


Karen Weaver
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History, Mexican War, Military and Wartime History, Physical Fitness
National/State Standards:
National Standards:
Gr K-4 Social Studies: U.S. History 2, 3
Gr 5-12 Social Studies: World History Eras 4 & 7
Musket, hands on activity
Field Trip Program