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Cannoneers to your post!

Students learning how to be a cannoneer.

Students learning how to be a cannoneer.



Cannoneers served on an artillery crew. Each cannoneer had a specific role on an artillery crew.
Students will learn ins and outs of working on an artillery crew. They will then use replica artillery equipment to load and "fire" a cannon. (Note: Cannon is a NON-firing replica.) Students will also discuss safety measure taken by the cannoneers.
This program is offered for groups of up to 30 students. If you have a larger group, it can be split into separate groups. (Teachers are responsible for groups not participating in ranger-led programs.) The program lasts 30 minutes.   


History, Mexican War, Military and Wartime History, Social Studies
National/State Standards:
National Standards:
Gr K-4 Social Studies: U.S. History 2, 3
Gr 5-12 Social Studies: World History Eras 4 & 7
Mexican War, military history, artillery
Field Trip Program

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