• Flying artillery crew in action.

    Palo Alto Battlefield

    National Historical Park Texas

Traveling Trunks

Hands-on Learning
Engage your students in hands-on, interactive learning! By trying on and examining U.S. and Mexican military uniforms and equipment, your students will better understand the daily life of a U.S.-Mexican War soldier.

TEKS-based lesson plans teach about the causes and consequences of the war and the life of a soldier during the war. Materials include replica uniforms and accoutrements, an educator overview, lesson plans and student worksheets, and a timeline.

Mini Museums
Trunks target students in grades 4 -7. In addition, these trunks can serve as mini-museums. They can be set up as exhibits or used to kick-off or conclude your studies on the U.S.-Mexican War.

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  • Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park

    What They Wore: U.S.-Mexican War Traveling Trunks

    Hands-on history! Try on a soldier’s uniform and feel the itchy wool. Carry a soldier’s knapsack. Compare personal equipment to your own personal items. A video and teacher’s guide is also included.

Did You Know?

Battle of Palo Alto

Major Jacob Brown was one of many U.S. soldiers who marched to war with his dog beside him. When soldiers buried Major Brown in the earthworks at Fort Texas, the dog—a beagle—took up a position on his master’s grave and refused to move from the spot for days.