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  • Alley Mill Closed for Renovations

    The Alley Mill will be undergoing renovations much of summer of 2014. It will be open daily through Aug 17 and then only on weekends after that. There will be fencing around the Mill which will prevent close access. More »

Photos & Multimedia

Two Rivers

Two Rivers, where the Current meets the Jacks Fork.

If you can't come to the Ozarks right now, or are making up your mind whether to come or not, take a look at some photos to get a taste of the area's beauty. Click here for photo gallery. These photos are "Public Domain" unless marked "Copyright" and may be used for any purpose. Please credit "National Park Service" if published.

VIDEOS: We also have short videos of Alley Mill, Big Spring and Round Spring available. Click here to view.

Round Spring

Beautiful Round Spring


"When protected, rivers serve as visible symbols of the care we take as temporary inhabitants and full-time stewards of a living, profoundly beautiful heritage of nature." - (John Echeverria, Rivers at Risk: The Concerned Citizen's Guide to Hydropower)

Did You Know?

Water cascading through a shut in

"Shut Ins" are an Ozark term for small canyon-like areas where water and rock struggle. Ozark National Scenic Riverways' Rocky Falls is the best known in the park, but there are several more in less easily accessible areas such as near Klepzig Mill. More at www.nps.gov/ozar More...