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ATV Rules and Regulations

Properly equipped ATV

Properly equipped ATV

Within the Ozark Riverways, ATVs ("Four Wheelers") and UTVs ("Mules" and other utility vehicles) are prohibited:

  • Off established roads.
  • On any closed roads or trails.
  • On any park-owned roads.
  • On state highways.
  • On service roads, power line rights- of-way or campground roads.
  • In the river unless at designated crossings and then only to cross the river and continue on across.
  • On gravel bars or beaches.

ATVs and UTVs may be operated only on county-owned roads. If the trail or route you are on is not passable in a full-sized pickup, you are probably on an illegal trail. ATVs are not allowed on park-owned roads. (Look for brown road signs, these designate park roads as contrasted with green county signs.)

A reminder: All ATVs must have a Missouri State registration and a county permit, the operator must have a valid driver’s license, the operator cannot carry passengers unless the ATV is equipped to carry a second person, persons under 18 years must wear an approved helmet, and the ATV must have adequate muffler, approved spark arrestor, slow-moving vehicle triangular emblem, safety flag at least 7 feet above the ground, operating brake system, and a headlight and taillight. (Missouri State law)

This is just a summary, for more details on ATV / UTV laws and regulations, click here.

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