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  • Big Spring area will be closed Nov 8 & 9 and Dec 12 - 14

    The Big Spring area will be temporarily closed to ensure public safety during the Wounded Warrior managed hunt November 8-9 and the managed archery hunt December 12-14.

Comparing Bats and Birds

  • Subject: Science
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Age Level: Grades 3-5
  • Location: Classroom
  • Key Vocabulary: Compare, contrast

OBJECTIVES: Students will compare and contrast bats and birds.

BACKGROUND: The bat is the only mammal that can truly fly. Birds fly, but they are in a separate scientific classification. Since these two animals share the characteristic of flight, are they the same in other ways?

MATERIALS: Copies of "Comparing Bats and Birds" Chart; pens or pencils


1. Make copies of the worksheet on the following page, then have students fill in the worksheet with what they believe are the characteristics of bats, birds, or both.

2. Lead a class discussion comparing and contrasting the two animals, possibly making a classroom "master" chart.


Bats and Birds worksheet

Did You Know?

Stalactites and stalagmites in a cave at Ozark Riverways.

Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri has some of the finest examples of "karst features" such as caves, springs and sinkholes anywhere. More at www.nps.gov/ozar More...