• Roaring Creek viewshed in North Carolina looking east at about 4,600 feet elevation.

    Overmountain Victory

    National Historic Trail NC,SC,TN,VA

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Overmountain Victory Trail Association

People in period costume firing muskets while standing in the Watauga River

The Overmountain Victory Trail Association (OVTA) consists of private citizens who support the trail and its many stories. Begun in 1975, the organization lobbied to have the trail created in 1980 and continues to work with the National Park Service and its many partners on projects and activities along the route.


Did You Know?

OVNHT in Elkin, NC

About 2,000 patriots eventually joined up along the trail to create the militia army. On the last day they were culled down to 900 of the best armed and mounted men, so as to catch the loyalist force before they were reinforced or reached Charlotte and the main British army.