Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the Overmountain Victory NHT is open for public access?
As of 2014 there are 87 miles of trails available for non-motorized use.

What is the "Commemorative Motor Route?"
It is a marked motorized trail that utilizes existing state highways and provides visitors with an alternative to the non-motorized route. In some stretches it actually follows the original 1780 route.

Who administers the Overmountain Victory NHT?
The trail is administered by the National Park Service in conjunction with various partners. These include other NPS sites, National Forests, state parks, non-profits, and private landowners.

Does the route trace the travel routes for both the patriot and loyalist forces?
No. Only the patriot route of the 1780 Kings Mountain campaign is identified and marked.

How long is the entire trail route?
The identified historic route is 330 miles in length.

What states does the Overmountain Victory NHT go through?
Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Did the National Park Service create the trail?
No. The Overmountain Victory NHT was created through congressional authorization. The NPS can not create areas that it administers.

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