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    Organ Pipe Cactus

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The Official Park Brochure and Newspaper:

The official park brochure, which you will receive when you arrive at the visitor center, includes a narrative of the monument's history, trail descriptions, and a map. The newspaper also provides a trail guide, and map, but features more stories about history, science and current research. Download the newspaper or the official map by clicking the links below. If you need additional information to help plan your visit, please contact the monument with your request.

Park Newspaper

Park Map

Detail Map (Campground Area)


Planning Your Visit:


Twin Peaks Campground Map
Group Camping
Alamo Campground
For additional information regarding camping in the monument, visit the camping section of this website under Things To Do in the left navigation bar.

Plant Information:
Cactus Checklist
Plant Checklist
Our Namesake Cactus
Our Namesake Cactus - Deutsch
Growth and Age of Saguaro Cactus
Growth and Age of Saguaro Cactus - Deutsch

Animal Information:

Wild Matters: The Organ Pipe Cactus Wilderness

Planning Your Accessible Visit

Other Publications:
Guide to Hiking Trails
Guide to Hiking Trails - Deutsch
Bicycle Use
Desert Safety

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