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    Organ Pipe Cactus

    National Monument Arizona

Ranger Minutes

Audio and Video Ranger Minutes
Download the following Ranger Minute segments and use them to gain a better understanding of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

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Jumping Cholla

Do These Cactus Really Jump?

NPS Photo

The Jumping Cholla

Join Ranger Josh as he demonstrates how the Jumping Cholla got its name.

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QBQ Pupfish

Quitobaquito Pupfish (Andy)

Quicktime Movie (18.Mb)

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Ranger Josh in a wash

NPS Photo

Where Are the Animals?
Watch and listen as Ranger Josh answers one of the more common questions asked at Organ Pipe Cactus.

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Lesser long nosed bat

Researcher holding a Lesser Long Nosed Bat

NPS Photo

The Lesser Long-Nosed Bats

Join Ranger Scott as he explores the important role the bats play in the Sonoran Desert

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Queen of the Night Flower

Queen of the Night Cactus in Bloom

NPS Photo

The Queen Of The Night Cactus

Watch and listen as Ranger Kristi examines the rare and beautiful Queen of the Night Cactus.

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Did You Know?

Kangaroo Rat

Kangaroo Rats are masters at desert survival. They get all the moisture they need from the seeds and plants they eat and don't need to drink any water. Their kidneys are so powerful at recycling the moisture they do get from plants and seeds, they have been known to urinate crystals. More...