Panoramas and QTVRs

QTVR Still Image

On this page you will find two different types of content, Quicktime VR (QTVR) Movies and JPEG Panoramic Images.

(QTVR) movies allow viewers to scan right and left and in most cases all the way around. They provide a way of getting an overall impression of a scene and not just one static view. There are two ways to view each QTVR. The first is by left clicking on the link. Doing that will cause the page to change and the movie to open in the new page. The second way is by right clicking on the link and then selecting "Save Target As". This will allow you save each QTVR to your own computer. Once saved you will be able to open each QTVR in a seperate Quicktime window on your computer.

Once open, all you have to do is hold down the mouse on the image and drag to the right or left to pan around. Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out.

The same two options hold true for viewing the JPEG Imgaes. Please be aware that these images are very large files and they may take a while to download depending on your connection speed. You can also see these images in our Photo Gallery.

Please note that you will need the latest version of Apple's QuickTime software to view the QTVR Movies below. If you do not have the latest version click here to download it for free.


The View From The Ridge On The Desert View Trail
QTVR Movie (2.71Mb) JPEG Image (4.87Mb)

Desert View Trail

View Of The Ajo Mountains From The Palo Verde Trail
QTVR Movie (2.53Mb) JPEG Image (4.50Mb)

Palo Verde Trail

View Of Victoria Mine
QTVR Movie (2.51Mb) JPEG Image (4.32Mb)

Victoria Mine

View From The Mouth Of Alamo Canyon
QTVR Movie (2.74Mb) JPEG Image (4.86Mb)

Mouth Of Alamo Canyon

View Of The Corral & Surrounding Area At The End Of Alamo Canyon
QTVR Movie (3.04Mb) JPEG Image (5.42Mb)

Alamo Canyon Corral

View Of The Arches On The Arch Canyon Trail
QTVR Movie (2.69Mb) JPEG Image (4.71Mb)

Arch Canyon Trail

View From The First Ridge On The Bull Pasture Trail
QTVR Movie (2.98Mb) JPEG Image (5.45Mb)

Bull Pasture Trail

View Of Bull Pasture As Seen From The End Of The Trail
QTVR Movie (2.6Mb) JPEG Image (4.41Mb)

Bull Pasture

View Up Estes Canyon As You Hike The Trail
QTVR Movie (3.02Mb) JPEG Image (5.56Mb)

Estes Canyon Trail

View Of The Floor Of Estes Canyon With A Visitor Added For Scale
QTVR Movie (3.48Mb) JPEG Image (6.68Mb)

Estes Canyon

Bates Well
(Closed Annually From April 15 - July 15 Due To Sonoran Pronghorn Fawning)
QTVR Movie (2.43Mb) JPEG Image (4.27Mb)

Bates Well

Images and QTVR's by Joshua Boles - NPS

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