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Ask A Ranger - Alicia
If you, or your class, have questions for a ranger, you can e-mail us, video tape them or write them in a letter and we will respond to them as best we can. Please be sure to include the first name and grade of each student, as well as deadline for a response. Particularly complex questions, might require some additional dialogue, so be sure to include a way to contact you.

Contact our Education Coordinator for more details on getting your class involved with "Ask a Ranger", 520 387 6849 x 7301, 10 Organ Pipe Drive, Ajo, AZ, 85321 or e-mail us.

Please note you will need either Apple's QuickTime or Windows Media Player software to view movies below. Click on the links above to download the latest versions of each for free.

Bella Vista Elementary
A fifth grade class in Sierra Vista, Arizona sent us some questions using a video camera. We were pleased to respond in the same media. Click on some of the questions below to see the students, and the responses.

Dominick: "How did the Organ Pipe Cactus get its name?"
Quicktime (5.00Mb) Windows Media Player (0.98Mb)

Alicia: "Do people eat cactus?"
Quicktime (5.77Mb) Windows Media Player (1.13Mb)

James: "How do animals live inside of cacti?"
Quicktime (7.41Mb) Windows Media Player (1.45Mb)

Kelly: "How do cactus live without water?"
Quicktime (9.84Mb) Windows Media Player (1.93Mb)

Melissa: "Do cactus produce water?"
Quicktime (8.01Mb) Windows Media Player (1.57Mb)

Nicole: "How do you survive in the desert?"
Quicktime (5.03Mb) Windows Media Player (0.99Mb)

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