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Historic Structures

Dos Lomitas Ranch Windmill and Well

Dos Lomitas Ranch Windmill and Well

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The List of Classified Structures (LCS) is an evaluated inventory of all historic and prehistoric structures that have historical, architectural, and/or engineering significance within parks of the National Park System in which the National Park Service has, or plans to acquire, any legally enforceable interest. The list is evaluated or "classified" by the National Register of Historic Places criteria. Structures are constructed works that serve some form of human activity and are generally immovable. They include buildings and monuments, dams, millraces and canals, nautical vessels, bridges, tunnels and roads, railroad locomotives, rolling stock and track, stockades and fences, defensive works, temple mounds and kivas, ruins of all structural types that still have integrity as structures, and outdoor sculpture.

The information below is from the LCS database managed by the Park Historic Structures and Cultural Landscapes Program.


Historic Structures In Organ Pipe

Number Name State Significance Level
HS01A Bates Well Ranch Main House Arizona State
HS01B Bates Well Ranch Small Residence Arizona State
HS01C Bates Well Ranch Blacksmith Shop Arizona State
HS01D Bates Well Ranch Hay Barn Arizona State
HS01E Bates Well Ranch Bunkhouse Arizona State
HS01F Bates Well Ranch Tack House Arizona State
HS01G Bates Well Ranch Ocotillo Shed Arizona State
HS01H Bates Well Arrastra Arizona State
HS01K Bates Well Ranch Eastern Corral Arizona State
HS01L Bates Well Ranch Southern Corral Arizona State
HS01M Bates Well Ranch Windmill No. 1 Arizona State
HS01N Bates Well Ranch Windmill No. 2 Arizona State
HS01O Bates Well Ranch Windmill No. 3 Arizona State
HS01P Bates Well and Water Tank Arizona State
HS01Q Bates Well Boundary Fence Arizona Local
HS01R Bates Well Grave Arizona Not Significant
HS02A Dos Lomitas Ranch Main Ranch House Arizona Local
HS02B Dos Lomitas Ranch Saddle Shed/Tack House Arizona Local
HS02C Dos Lomitas Ranch Corral Arizona Local
HS02D Dos Lomitas Ranch Windmill and Well Arizona Local
HS03A Bonita Well Line Shack Arizona Local
HS03B Bonita Well Corral Arizona Local
HS03C Bonita Well Ramada Arizona Local
HS03D Bonita Well Windmill Arizona Local
HS04A Gachado Well Line Camp Adobe House Arizona Local
HS04B Gachado Well Line Camp Corral Arizona Local
HS05B Hocker Well Corral Arizona Local
HS05C Hocker Well Well Arizona Local
HS06A Pozo Nuevo Line Camp Shack Arizona Local
HS06B Pozo Nuevo Jacal Arizona Local
HS06C Pozo Nuevo Corral with Ramada Arizona Local
HS06D Pozo Nuevo Windmill Arizona Local
HS06E Pozo Nuevo Old Well Arizona Local
HS07A Pozo Salado Corral Arizona Local
HS07B Pozo Salado Well Arizona Local
HS09A Victoria Mine Stone Building Arizona Local
HS09B Victoria Mine Masonry Ruin Arizona Local
HS09C Victoria Mine Cistern Arizona Local
HS09D Victoria Mine Concrete Foundations Arizona Local
HS09E Victoria Mine Stone Stairway Arizona Local
HS11A Lost Cabin Mine Masonry Building Arizona Local
HS11B Lost Cabin Mine Masonry Structure Arizona Local
HS12A Milton Mine Ore Loading Platform Arizona Local
HS12B Milton Mine Leaching Vat Arizona Local
HS13A Jose Lorenzo Sestier Grave Marker Arizona State
HS13B Quitobaquito Earthen Dam Arizona State
HS13C Quitobaquito Irrigation Canals Arizona State
MKR162 International Boundary Monument No. 162 Arizona National
MKR163 International Boundary Monument No. 163 Arizona National
MKR164 International Boundary Monument No. 164 Arizona National
MKR165 International Boundary Monument No. 165 Arizona National
MKR166 International Boundary Monument No. 166 Arizona National
MKR167 International Boundary Monument No. 167 Arizona National
MKR168 International Boundary Monument No. 168 Arizona National
MKR169 International Boundary Monument No. 169 Arizona National
MKR170 International Boundary Monument No. 170 Arizona National
MKR171 International Boundary Monument No. 171 Arizona National
MKR172 International Boundary Monument No. 172 Arizona National
MKR173 International Boundary Monument No. 173 Arizona National

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