The Northeast Regional Office supports the parks and program areas in the northeast states, from Maine to Virginia. The role and function of the regional office is to provide employees with specialized expertise and tools that will foster growth, development, and safety of regional park service employees, volunteers, and partners. The regional directorate provides employees with current information and policy, filtering and interpreting necessary information to and from the Washington office.


Colorful circular logo for Every Kid in a Park shows grass, trees, and the silhouettes of children playing

Fourth Graders Invited to Visit the National Parks for Free

The Every Kid on a Park initiative invites every 4th-grade student to visit a national park with his or her family, friends, and classmates.

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Park Ranger speaks to a group of students. New York City skyline in the background.

Urban Parks and Programs

More than 80% of Americans live in urban areas. The NPS is reimagining its role in metropolitan areas through relevancy, inclusion, and collaboration.

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Senior Skip Day logo with mountains, trees, and hiking figure

Skip Days Are Not Just for Students

Senior Skip Day is just what the Doctor Ordered. Humana celebrates senior citizens and encourages them to visit any national park site on October 8th.

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