• Scotts Bluff National Monument is located in western Nebraska, landmark for the Pony Express, Oregon, California and Mormon Pioneer national historic trails


    National Historic Trail ID,KS,MO,NE,OR,WY

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State Historic Sites and Organizations

  • Fort Bridger State Historic Site
    This site has information on Oregon, California, Pony Express, and Mormon Trails in southwest Wyoming, and a restored military and fur trade post, museum, and outdoor exhibits.
  • Rock Creek Station State Historic Park
    Rock Creek Station State Historic Park was a road ranch catering to stages, freight lines, and emigrant traffic on the Oregon Trail. It was also a stage station and swing station for the Pony Express. It offers an interpretive center, picnic and playground areas, hiking and nature trails, Oregon Trail ruts, and modern campground.
  • Fort Kearny State Historical Park
    Fort Kearny State Historic Park was the first military post along the Oregon Trail. It has a museum, outdoor exhibits, and bookstore.
  • Ash Hollow State Historical Park
    Here you can view prominent Oregon Trail ruts, Windlass Hill, museum, and outdoor exhibits.
  • Massacre Rocks State Park
    To see Oregon Trail ruts, Register Rock, hiking trails, and also enjoy campfire programs in summer, visit Massacre Rocks State Park.
  • Three Island Crossing State Park
    Three Island Crossing State Park has brochures and information on Oregon Trail ruts/remnants in the area of Three Island Ford. It also has interpretive programs in summer.
  • The Oregon Trail Coordinating Council provides detailed information on the Oregon Trail across the state of Oregon.
  • Oregon Trail Coordinating Council
    222 NW Davis
    Suite 309
    Portland, OR 97205
  • Eastern Oregon Visitors Association
    The Eastern Oregon Visitors Association provides information on attractions and the Oregon Trail in eastern Oregon.

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Did You Know?

Devil's Gate on the Sweetwater River in the mountains of south central Wyoming.

Emigrants bound for western lands in the 1840-60s followed the Sweetwater River across Wyoming from near Fort Laramie in the southeast to Fort Bridger in the southwest passing by the Devil's Gate, a spectacular cleavage in stone that proved impassable without mountain climbing equipment. More...