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    Oregon Caves

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  • Cave Creek Campground Closed

    Cave Creek campground located at Mile Marker 16 is currently closed due to hazard trees.

Chateau Tours

The Chateau at Oregon Caves National Monument

The Chateau at Oregon Caves National Monument


Take a Guided Tour of the Historic Lodge During the Summer Months

Join a Park Ranger for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Chateau at Oregon Caves National Monument. This rustic hotel in the Siskiyou Mountains is one of the National Park’s Great Lodges and a National Historic Landmark.

Designed by self-taught architect Gust Lium, the Chateau was completed in 1934 using local materials, including the Port Orford Cedar bark which covers the structure. The rustic design complementing the mountain landscape set a precedent in park architecture. The Chateau’s Monterrey furniture is also unique. Constructed by the Mason Manufacturing Company of Los Angeles, each piece was hand made, primarily from Oregon alder wood.

How Long is the Tour and How Much Does it Cost?

  • About 45 minutes; no cost

The ranger –guided tour lasts approximately 45 minutes, covering history, architecture, and stories of the Chateau. Tour routes may include the lobby, a fine dining room, a 1930s-era coffee shop, and a show room. Hear the story of the 17-foot wave of floodwater and debris that swept the Chateau off its foundation in 1964, and how 84-year-old Gust Lium returned to oversee its reconstruction. See the place where the postcard and the View Master were invented. Ponder the changes that may be in store for this rustic masterpiece.

Experience the Chateau’s peace and beauty for yourself. The tour is free; check the schedule board in the Visitor Center for times.

Why wait?

You can learn more about the Chateau now!

Did You Know?

From the vista on the Cliff Nature trail you can see the nation's largest serpentine rock outcrops in the distance.

The mountains surrounding Oregon Caves are composed of ocean crust including rocks uplifted directly from the mantle. These mantle rocks make up one of the largest serpentine rock outcrops in the nation.