• Speleothems in Miller's Chapel.

    Oregon Caves

    National Monument Oregon

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  • Cave Creek Campground Closed

    Cave Creek campground located at Mile Marker 16 is currently closed due to hazard trees.

Park Planning

Niagara Falls formations

Niagara Falls 


“…the public interests will be promoted by reserving these caves with as much land as necessary for the proper protection thereof,” William Howard Taft Presidential proclamation, 1909.

The importance of the land above the cave cannot be overlooked. Many of the processes occurring within the cave are greatly influenced by what is happening above ground. This is especially true via the exchange of air, water and food between the connected ecosystems.

The park is faced with the challenge of allowing the public enjoyment of the fragile ecosystem below and above ground without causing significant impacts to park resources, and hopefully giving the public a greater appreciation of this special place.

The National Park Service recognizes and appreciates the extent of public interest in the general management plan for Oregon Caves National Monument. Learn more about Park Planning.

Did You Know?

Monterey furniture in one of the lodge rooms. Photo taken in the mid 1930s.

The furniture in the historic Oregon Caves Lodge was custom made by the Mason Manufacturing Company. The furniture has hand painted designs and often used iron strapping, and leather in its construction. The furniture was branded with a small horse shoe design, the icon of the company. More...