• Speleothems in Miller's Chapel.

    Oregon Caves

    National Monument Oregon

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  • Haunted Candlelight Tours

    Haunted Candlelight Tours Offered Sunday, October 26 through Friday, October 31, 2014. The tour begins at 4pm and are first come first serve. The tour is limited to 12 people per group.

Registration Materials for Classroom Visits & Field Trips

In order to serve your class, we need you to complete the registration and the fee waiver forms. You can type directly into the forms or print the forms out and write on them. After you complete the forms, you can email it as an attachment to the Education Coordinator.

Required Forms and Documents Needed for the Education/Fee Waiver Program

Your packet should contain:

  1. Registration Form*--- pdf
  2. Fee Waiver Application Form**--- pdf
  3. Proof that your group is an educational organization, such as a letter of accreditation or an educational tax exemption letter. A tax-ID number is not sufficient.
  4. A copy of your lesson plan that includes national, state, or district standards.
  5. A statement indicating how visiting the Oregon Caves fits into your lesson plan.

Academic fee waiver requests must be received at least two weeks before field trips and cannot be granted on-the-spot. We cannot guarantee any group a place in the education program until all paperwork had been received and approved. Staff will communicate via email to confirm when fee waivers are granted.

In order to be approved for a fee waiver you must qualify. Fee waivers are directed at educational institutions who are visiting Oregon Caves to enhance their state standards. Find out more information about the Fee Waiver Program.

Please copy and distribute to adults in your group before the field trip:

Did You Know?


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