• Speleothems in Miller's Chapel.

    Oregon Caves

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  • Cave Tours Closed for Season

    Cave Tours are closed for the winter. Tours will resume April 26, 2014. All trails on the monument remain open.

  • Road Work

    Crews are removing brush along highway 46 beginning in the lower parking lot and moving down the highway. Work is scheduled to last until April 20, 2014; expect delays.

For Teachers

Our Mission

To provide curriculum-based educational opportunities that allow participants to develop connections with the natural and cultural resources at Oregon Caves. By doing so, the hope is to instill an appreciation of our public lands and to promote life-long student who appreciate stewardship.

About Our Program

Curriculum-based programs are available free for verified school groups that are utilizing the Monument's resources to extend their district or state curriculum, but not for recreation purposes. We hope you will take advantage of the teaching (and learning) opportunities found here at your Oregon Caves National Monument, during a cave tour, through a teacher led field activity, or online. Thanks for your involvement and input.


Due to federal budget cuts some educational programs are not offered for 2014. Ranger-led, standards-driven Cave tours for school groups will continue, beginning April 28th. Ranger-led forest hikes and classroom visits are no longer available. Activity guides will be provided to teachers who wish to lead a forest hike. Surface tour activities with related curriculum links will remain on the website for teacher access and use.

Curriculum-Based Education Programs

Grades 3-5: Geology: Our Changing World

Grades 6-8: Watersheds: through the Mountain to the Valley
Due to federal budget cuts this program is not offered at Oregon Caves National Monument in 2014. Information and curriculum materials are still available.

Grades 3-8: Teacher's Companion Guide to the Videos (virtual field trip)


Curriculum-Based Education Field Trips

Before visiting the monument, we need ALL visitors to help protect our bats. A fatal disease in bats known as White-Nose Syndrome has already killed over a million bats in eastern North America, and is spreading west. Avoid spreading the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in bats! Inform all students and chaperones before your visit to Oregon Caves that they must plan ahead not to bring any items that have been worn or used in any cave, mine, or bat hibernation site east of the Rocky Mountains after 2005, or in any cave in Europe. This includes shoes, camera bags, and clothes. Even if the item has been washed, there is still a risk. Do not bring it.

Click here to Plan A Field Trip.


Fee Waivers

Fee waivers can be granted for other educational groups (e.g. university classes, science clubs, education groups not accommodated during the education season, etc.). Please visit Fee Waivers for more information.

Group rates are available for recreational groups (e.g. church groups, senior groups, etc.). Visit Fees & Reservations for more information.

Did You Know?

Monterey furniture in one of the lodge rooms. Photo taken in the mid 1930s.

The furniture in the historic Oregon Caves Lodge was custom made by the Mason Manufacturing Company. The furniture has hand painted designs and often used iron strapping, and leather in its construction. The furniture was branded with a small horse shoe design, the icon of the company. More...