• A fallen tree supports new life in the coastal forest.


    National Park Washington

Traffic & Travel Tips

Despite its isolation, the Olympic Peninsula becomes a busy place in summer. We recommend planning ahead and leaving plenty of extra time to safely reach your destination. Below are some additional tips.

  • Highway 101 is the only access route to the Olympic Peninsula and is a two-lane highway for most of its length. In many areas, passing other vehicles is not possible. Patience and allowing extra time to reach your destination will make your trip safer and more fun!

  • If possible, plan to visit during the week, rather than Friday through Sunday.

  • Make lodging reservations early.

  • Park campgrounds are available first come, first served except for Kalaloch campground, which may be reserved for summer camping.

  • Winter brings its own special beauty, and travel challenges. Allow extra time and be sure to check your tires and the weather forecast before travelling.

  • Check the Washington Department of Transportation website for safety and traffic alerts on U.S. Highway 101.

Did You Know?