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  • Olympic Hot Springs Road Closed

    The Elwha Valley's Olympic Hot Springs Road is closed to public entry beyond the Altair Campground. Olympic Hot Springs is not accessible from the Elwha. The road is expected to re-open by Summer 2015.

  • Safety Advisory: Mountain Goats

    NPS has received reports of aggressive mountain goats near trails at Hurricane Ridge, Royal Basin, Seven Lakes Basin, Lake of the Angeles, & Grand Pass. Visitors are required to maintain a distance of at least 50 yards from all wildlife. More »

Park Newsletter for October 19, 2007

two fish leaping over white water

Coho salmon make their way to spawning grounds along the Sol Duc River.

Coho Jumping at Salmon Cascades

Summer coho are now spawning in the Sol Duc River and park fisheries biologists project great salmon-watching opportunities this weekend at Salmon Cascades.

The Sol Duc River summer coho run is earlier that most coho runs on the Olympic Peninsula. They return in late October, while most coho runs on the peninsula return in November and December. Sol Duc summer coho spawn between Sol Duc Falls and Salmon Cascades.

The Salmon Cascades area is closed to all fishing, from 100 yards upstream of the cascades to 250 yards (or as posted) downstream. Park fishing regulations.

Watch salmon jumping the Cascades. (10 second video.)

More on visiting the Sol Duc Valley and Salmon Cascades.

two wooden chairs near lakeshore; rowboats along shore
Two chairs invite relaxation on a sunny fall day at Lake Crescent Lodge.  The NPS has just begun the process of developing a new contract for operation of this concession and two others at Olympic National Park.
Phaedra Fuller

New Concessions Contracts in the Works

A condition assessment and market analysis team visited Olympic this week to begin the process of developing new concessions contracts for the Lake Crescent Lodge, Fairholme Store and Hurricane Ridge Snack Bar and Gift Shop.

Information gathered this week will be used in developing the requests for proposals, which are scheduled to be released in spring 2008. The new contracts are targeted to take effect in January 2009.


Did You Know?

snow covered forest and meadow

That endemic Olympic snow moles are scurrying beneath this blanket of snow? Olympic National Park's Hurricane Ridge is blanketed with over ten feet of snow for most of the winter, providing water for summer and protection for snow moles in winter.