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  • Madison Falls Trail Closed for Repairs Beginning July 7

    The one-tenth mile Madison Falls Trail and trailhead parking lot located in Elwha Valley will close to public entry beginning on Monday, July 7 while crews make improvements and repairs.

Elwha Restoration Plans

Park employee with buckets of silt collected behind the dams

The upcoming removal of two dams on the Elwha River is just one of the many steps towards eventual ecosystem restoration. Elwha River Restoration encompasses a number of important projects in a range of disciplines. Flood protection, sensitive species management, sediment management, restoration of anadromous fish stocks, and revegetation are all important aspects of the complete restoration of the Elwha River and ecosystem surrounding dam removal.

The construction of two water treatment facilities, completed in 2010, were two of the largest mitigation projects and ensure that water for human needs is protected during and after dam removal.


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Did You Know?

star-shaped purple flowers growing in a crack of a rock

That the Piper's bellflower is unique to the Olympic Mountains? Named after an early Olympic peninsula botanist, the Piper's bellflower grows in cracks and crevices of high elevation rock outcrops.