Current Fire Status

The lightening storms that occurred over Olympic National Park on August 12, 2014 produced four confirmed fires.

The Hurricane Ridge Road Fire near the Tunnels on the Hurricane Ridge Road was initial attacked by a park engine crew and was quickly brought under control on August 12 and declared out that same day.

The Burnt Mountain, Appleton 1 and Appleton 2 fires were initially seen by park staff and visitors, but subsequent rains appear to have extinguished or reduced activity on those fires, as no smoke has been seen since August 13. Those areas will remain under observation until our season ending rains arrive in October, in the event the fires rekindle during dryer weather.

On August 24, a fire was discovered in one of the tunnels on the Spruce Railroad Trail in the park. Firefighters were boated across the lake to the fire and a portable pump was used to quickly control the fire. This human caused fire is currently under investigation.

To report a fire in the park, call Olympic National Park dispatch at 360-565-3115.

If you have questions and/or comments about fires in the park call the Olympic National Park fire office at 360-565-3120.

Thank you.

Did You Know?