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Office of International Affairs First Image A map of the Monumental Earthworks Overhead view of the Earthworks at Poverty Point. Pottery items. Poverty Point is now the 22nd World Heritage Site in the U.S. Fossil collections at Hagerman and Sibiloi. NPS and Kenya Wildlife Service signed an agreement. Signing Ceremony Image of Mount Kenya

Welcome to OIA's Web Site

The NPS Office of International Affairs is going places. We're working with our parks and partners to increase environmental and cultural awareness throughout the world. Check out our website to see the programs we're working on.
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Welcome to the U.S. National Park Service's Office of International Affairs

Our web site provides information on the mission and work of the National Park Service's Office of International Affairs and is a source of information for the public and National Park Service (NPS) staff who are interested in our international activities. The National Park concept has been described as "America's best idea." Many countries around the world look to the United States as a leader in park and protected area management. At the same time, the National Park Service often learns about innovative practices from other countries' park agencies.

In addition, international cooperation is required to preserve numerous species of migratory wildlife that spend only a part of their lives within the boundaries of U.S. national parks, and likewise to help protect park resources from threats that may originate from outside park (and U.S.) borders -- air and water pollution and invasive species, for example. For these reasons, the National Park Service has an Office of International Affairs that for over 40 years has worked to facilitate cooperation between the U.S. National Park Service and counterpart agencies around the globe.

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