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    National Monument Georgia

Cooperating Association

The Ocmulgee National Monument Association (ONMA) is a nonprofit cooperating association working in partnership with the National Park Service. Established in 1942, the purpose of the ONMA is to support interpretive and educational programs at Ocmulgee National Monument. To accomplish these objectives, the ONMA operates the museum bookstore and offers memberships to the public.

Visit the website www.ocmulgeemounds.org

email onma@ocmulgeemounds.org

phone (478) 752-8257 ext. 214

Did You Know?

Photo of excavations in 1936 at Ocmulgee National Monument

During the archeological investigations at Ocmulgee National Monument during the 1930's, Dr. Arthur Kelly and his crew of more than 800 CCC workers discovered this well preserved example of a Southeastern native Mississippian Council Chamber.